I have worked with Tim Compton during his entire police career which spans 31 years. I have never seen a more dedicated police investigator. I congratulate Tim on his new career choice and highly recommend him to anyone needing his services. Tim has solved many difficult cases, as he is very committed to solving and seeing a case to its conclusion. Tim zealously pursues cases assigned to him whether violent crime or fraud (white-collar) and always appeared in court well-prepared. Tim’s experience and work ethic is a winning combination.
— Judge Charlene Hewitt (retired)
I met Tim Compton when I became a victim of a driveway paving scam. Tim was assigned to my case. My friend, former Police Chief Ralph Porter assured me that Mr. Compton was a top detective who would not stop until he had solved the case. Chief Porter referred to Mr. Compton as a “bulldog”. The compliment was accurate. Although other law enforcement agencies in North and South Carolina had been unable to stop this predator, Tim stuck with our case until he achieved a felony conviction.

Not only was Tim the professional Chief Porter had described, he was a pleasure to work with. Even with other police cases assigned to him, he was always accessible and kept me aware of the status of his investigation. I highly recommend him to anyone needing his services.
— Harvey Senseney
I worked with Investigator Lt. Tim Compton for five years, when I was the City Prosecutor of Florence. Tim was the brightest star among the Florence Police Department’s constellation of highly capable investigators. If you have questions that need answering, Tim Compton will find the answers for you. He is absolutely committed to his work, to doing the job right. Whatever the case may be—from the most complex white collar financial crimes to the most serious crimes of mayhem and violence—Tim knows where to look, and how to look, for answers. His approach to his investigative work is always dogged, determined, thorough, and fair. Tim is the consummate professional—a man of high moral character, superior intelligence, and impressive abilities. And he loves work. I would recommend Tim—enthusiastically and without reservation—to anyone who needs a first-class investigator.
— Mark Desser, Attorney at Law
A hard working, diligent, thorough, tireless, professional individual who has dedicated 31 years as a law enforcement officer in the pursuit of justice and fairness- that’s Investigator Timothy Compton.

I first met Investigator Compton while working in a local restaurant. He uncovered a plot that unfolded
under management’s noses and brought to justice a couple of the wittiest con artists that I have ever studied. His work ethic and ability to investigate lead to the swift arrests of two of the “best employees” the restaurant ever had, so we thought…

My next encounter with Investigator Compton came after my many years of undergraduate and
graduate schooling and my obtaining a Juris Doctorate degree and being hired as an Assistant Solicitor to prosecute a wide array of crimes. I had the pleasure to assist in the prosecution of a murder case that was tirelessly investigated by Tim and I was truly amazed with the body of work Tim and his associates had put together. The case was complicated, there were many witnesses, some willing and others unwilling, and there were alternate theories and fierce defense attorneys at every turn. The trial went on and Tim was the glue that held the State’s case together. Tim and his team worked day and night locating the various witnesses and making them available while having to prepare and testify on his own behalf. At the end of the day a murderer was convicted at the hands of the jury, but by the hard work of Investigator Compton…

The third dimension of my dealings with Investigator Compton is from an entirely different perspective, as I have now moved into private practice as a criminal defense attorney. Although I have jumped the fence so to speak, my relationship with Investigator Compton has not wavered. He understands our system of justice and the intricacies that make our system of justice the best this world has ever known.

His professionalism is second to none as he has continued his vigor in pursuit of justice no matter who he deals with…

As Investigator Compton moves into private investigations I can think of no one who would be more qualified to investigate any matter than him. I feel confident in assuring anyone that they will truly
receive the very best, professional, diligent, and thorough investigation that can be done, hands down…
— H. Steven DeBerry, IV Esquire - The DeBerry Law Firm